Going back to the good old DIY-principle seemd to be just what the doctor ordered: the digital distribution of “Not Fade Away” performed flawlessly, and so we started working on the movie score to A. Forster's SciFi filmlet "Baduhenna”.

This was quite a challenging task as "Baduhenna" turned out to be a movie without any dialogue: like in the silent film era the music had to underscore the entire movie reflecting the emotions of all characters of the pursued Enoe tribe.

The soundtrack album contains the original motion picture edit as well as all its tracks separately (for those of you who prefer to listen to single tracks or wish to download individual tracks).

We've also included bonus tracks "Understanding Everything" and "There Were Crows (Snowflakes Mix)" as they fitted just perfectly to the album's over-all atmosphere.

Although this movie score is entirely based on synths and keyboards, it doesn’t mean that we won’t be doing our more “traditional” stuff any more. On the contrary: our next album “Foxfire” will definitely pick up the threads of “Not Fade Away” again.

This album is the first album in Antichrisis’ history that is released as digital download only without the support of a record company or an external producer: everything was done by Sid & Ayuma themselves, from cover artwork to recording sessions as well as from production to mastering.

“Not Fade Away” is the perfect epitome of what Antichrisis 2012 is all about. Antichrisis is not longer the Doom/Metal/Goth-outfit that they have started with their debut album “Cantara Anachoreta” because the band has been embracing a lot of musical styles and influences on their way to this day and age. Of course you’ll still find Post Punk and Goth elements in tracks like “Here Comes The Night” and “Adrenalin” but they’ve also developed further into the direction of Electronica and Dancefloor with songs like “Ocean’s Too Wide”, “The Point of No Return” and “Crossing The Line”.

Apart from that there’s still Antichrisis’ search for the perfect pop song that they’re keeping up with “The Fire Went Out”, “Creatures of a Jade Lagoon” or “Walking With Angels”, their love for Indie & Alternative guitar sounds that’s shimmering through “Who You Are” and “Shine”; the duo’s passion for Irish music that is reflected by songs like “Restless Years”, “Endless Flow” or “Lament for Kira” — and finally there are those in-betweeners like “Night Train” or “Have You Been Loved?” that simply don’t fit into any of the aforementioned categories.

To Ayuma and Sid “Not Fade Away” feels like a Greatest Hits Album because it really is a selection of their favourite songs.

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