Our Top Ten-List 2022

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The end of 2022 is nigh -- and so it's time to think for Antichrisis' annual Top 10-list in indeterminate order:

Zdob şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers - Trenulețul
TALK - Run Away To Mars
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Spitting Off The Edge Of The World
Betterov - Dussmann
Endark the Brightness - Descent
Heilung - Anoana
Stella Sommer - Silence Wore A Silver Coat
Konstrakta - In Corpore Sano
Dry Cleaning - Gary Ashby
Beth Orton - Friday Night

Ayuma and I wish all of you -- and especially the people in Ukraine and Iran -- peace, freedom, justice and solidarity... and don't forget our fellow creatures, the animals.

Out of the Blue

Life doesn't always turn out the way you want it to be -- and if you want to make God laugh, just try making plans.

Sometimes, out of the blue and without notice, life slams on the brakes and before you know it, you will find yourself in an utter kerfuffle that you never wanted nor asked for.

When the person you loved leaves you just like that, it feels like your world would be coming to an end. And of course it will take some time for the pain and numb feeling in your heart to finally subside. But eventually it will... and that's what "Out of the Blue" is all about.

"Out of the Blue" is also available on all major streaming platforms, and our next single is going to be released around Imbolc 2023.

Subways of Time

Once we were lovers, but the river of time had separated us: we had taken different directions and could no longer walk down the same road together.

But when we met again after many years, you were still as familiar to me as if we had parted only yesterday.

And so I thought, "Why not forget all the quarrels and wrangles and enter the subways of time instead, laughing and dancing together for one last time as we did so long ago. And then let's say goodbye forever and keep the echoes of the past in our hearts."

"Subways of Time" is a tribute to past relationships: though they ended for good reasons, they nevertheless contain good and beautiful memories which ought to be remembered from time to time with a fond and thankful smile.

Ayuma and me can't tell yet when the next Antichrisis song is going to be released, as this depends on how well we are doing with forthcoming vocal recordings. But as soon as we have finished our next song, it is going to be released immediately.


"Arrival" is all about having finally found the love that you always dreamed of, even if you sometimes thought that this love would always remain just a beautiful dream and would never come true or would last forever.

But once you have found the one you have been searching for all your life, you instinctively feel with absolute certainty that you have finally arrived. And Ayuma & Me belong to those fortunate ones that have found all we ever dreamed of in each other, even if it took us such a long, long time.

"Arrival" will be available on all major streaming platforms from 02/09/2022, and our next single is going to be released around Autumn Equinox 2022.


This song is almost some kind of prayer: when night is at its lowest, the light of day is closest.

But there is no darkness so deep that the light of true love couldn’t illuminate it. Ayuma has lit up my life for sure, and we will walk our path together until the end.

"Stay" will be available on all major streaming platforms from 22 July 2022, and our next single is going to be released around Lughnasadh.

Wasted Time

When love dies out, one wonders how it happened: was it carelessness or too much closeness? Was it just everyday life and routine that goes with it?

After an initial phase of falling in love, daily routine knocks on the door of almost every relationship at some point. This does not necessarily have to be a negative thing, because with everyday life comes familiarity, the true recognition of each other that goes far beyond the first days of acquaintance.

But there are also relationships that fall apart once the illusion of eternal romance can no longer be maintained i. e. when a couple's romantic stage play eventually has to stand the test of real life -- and that test sometimes requires both responsibility and renunciation. This is what „Wasted Time“ is all about.

Real love is not all about looking into each other's eyes, but also looking together in the same direction, as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once put it.

Our next single is going to be released around Summer Solstice.

Lost & Found

Once you have found the one you have been searching for all your life, there is nothing and no one that could ever separate you from your one and only love.

And even if one day both of you will be gone, you will meet again in another life, because it is a bonding of souls that is made for eternity.

This song is dedicated to and written for my closest friend, my beguiling querida and my wonderful wife Ayuma.

Our next track will be released around Beltane.

Behind the Rainbow

When we got our tomcat Whisky from the animal shelter in 2010, we did not have an easy start: he had probably experienced a lot of bad things and was therefore extremely fearful and mistrustful. But with time and a lot of patience we managed to find access to him - and finally he became our most loyal companion who trusted us unconditionally and was always on our side.

The day he passed away, he took our love with him to his new home behind the rainbow - but somehow his spirit is still with us.